Facing Human Wrongs:

Navigating paradoxes and complexities
of social and global change.

Site and Support Documentation

This page provides some documentation to help you use and manage your site. It also contains information on various support options. Additional details are provided towards the bottom of this page.

Only users with administrator privileges who are logged into your site are able to view this page. Keep this page as a reference as long as you like. You can delete it if you no longer need it.

General support options

Once we move your site over to your account, if you have any questions or run into any issues using your site that are not covered in the documentation on this page, you can contact support at any time. 

Content and site management:

This tutorial and general information site covers a lot of topics. We’ve included some links to topics that may be particularly helpful below.

Main Functions Instruction

Main functions instructions includes all the functions used to create this website and features instructions and screenshots specific to your site.

To make any changes/addition or edit any part of your website, you must always go to the dashboard area (please see the image below).

In this website, you are most likely to manage your posts or pages.

Editing Page:

This part shows you how to edit your page.

To edit a page just click on the left side of your dashboard where it says “Pages”

And “Pages” page will appear, there you can choose which page you want to edit.

In this case we are going to choose homepage

Tip: You can also access your page by searching it.

After selecting a page, you will be directed to its page backend.

Please see the image below:

Showing the list of blocks:

Showing your list of blocks are important on editing your website to identify if you are selecting the right block to edit.

To show the list, you just need to click on the list icon showed in the image below. as you can see, a list of block is now showing on the left side of the page.

Selecting a block:

To select a block, you just need to click on your left side which shows the list of blocks and select your desired block that you want to edit.

In this case, we selected the 1st heading and changed the text from “Facing Human Wrongs” to “Any Text you want”.

Adding a block:

To add a block, you just need to hover at the end of a block where you want to add your new block.

Example is shown on the image below:

Click on the plus icon and you will be shown a popup option of blocks.

In this example, we will select the paragraph block to add text on our website.

As you can see, we now have added a new text paragraph. but hard to see because the default text paragraph color is dark.

To see it clearly, we need to change the color to a lighter one.

to do that we just need to edit the styling of our paragraph block.

as you can see on the right side, there is a setting for you to edit your block.

in this example we are going to change the color of the paragraph block, all you need to do is just click on the typography

and click the black circle icon which is the color picker.

as you can see. I selected the very light grey and its done.

your text is now easy to see and read.

you can also changed other aspect such as font size, font weight or text alignment whatever customization you need you can find it at your block settings.

after you are done with editing your page all you have to do is just press Update on the top right of the page and you’re done.

feel free to try out other blocks.

Privacy policy page

We have created a privacy policy page for you, but you will need to review and revise the boilerplate copy. Please see this support document for more information. You can edit this page just like any other page on your site, or you can delete it if you don’t want it. 

Optional plugins

Many of the features of your site are powered by plugins. You can read more about what plugins are and how to manage them on this support page

The following plugins are not required but are recommended. If you do want to use these plugins, you can disable (deactivate) them or uninstall them at any time. Please be cautious about disabling or removing other plugins since most of them are required for your site to function as you specified. 

GDPR Cookie Consent –  this plugin is what powers the cookie message that appears on your site and provides options for your site visitors to accept/manage their preferences. You can read more about this plugin here.

Yoast SEO – you can see a list of the SEO features this plugin offers here.


If you don’t have email services set up for your custom domain, we offer some options you may be interested in. 

Professional Email

Professional Email is an ideal option if you want an affordable, robust hosted email solution with the ease of managing it from your WordPress.com account. This option comes with the following features:

  • Send and receive email using your custom domain.
  • Includes email, calendar, and contact management.
  • One-click import of existing emails and contacts.

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

We also partner with Google Workspace for those who need a hosted email solution as well as the features and benefits of an office productivity suite (such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.)

Email Forwarding

If you do not need full email hosting, we also offer simple email forwarding as a free option.

  • Email Forwarding lets you use your custom domain in your email address.
  • All your mail will be forwarded to a personal email address you choose, and any replies will be sent from your personal email address.
  • Email forwarding will not work in conjuction with a hosted email service like Professional Email or Google Workspace.

If you already have email services set up with a different provider, you can connect your domain to those services. 

Please see this support document for more information on each of these options or contact support for assistance.

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