Facing Human Wrongs:

Navigating paradoxes and complexities
of social and global change.

Schooling The World (Documentary)

Required reading:

Watch the documentary Schooling the World and use the HEADS UP checklist to examine how the film challenges and/or reproduces patterns of hegemony, ethnocentrism, ahistoricism, depoliticization, salvationism, uncomplicated solutions and/or paternalism.

Reflection questions for the documentary:

  1. To what extent has your formal education promoted metropolitan, consumerist and individualist values? To what extent were you exposed to the critiques of these values and other possibilities of existence?
  2. As a student, have you always felt uncomfortable in western formal education institutions? Do you remember moments of achievement and praise that contributed to your sense of identity as a capable and confident student? As a good person? As worthy of and entitled to material success?
  3. How does being successful in western education systems impact your sense of identity, well-being, and self-worth? 
  4. How does a lack of success in western education systems impact your perception of yourself and of others?
  5. How does your formal education shape how you see problems and solutions to today’s grand challenges?
  6. Is destroying the conditions for alternatives to exist a form of violence? Why or why not?

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