Facing Human Wrongs

Unlearning Bundle (Unit) 6: Towards New Mistakes

Unit 6: Towards New Mistakes

(un)Learning bundle invitations:

1) Watch the lecture: Towards new mistakes lecture

2) Complete an exercise: Alternative engagements with alternatives

3) Read academic texts: Facing the end of the world as we know it with SMDR

4) Watch the documentary: Weathering storms with (self)compassion  

5) Complete the forest/city walk: Beyond hope and hopelessness

6) Reflect on artistic practices and pop culture: De-centering, disarming, dis-investing

7) Record your reflections and responses: on Flipgrid (for registered participants) or here if you are taking this course as self-study

8) (aftercare) Building discipline, stamina and capacity for the long haul: Body/Land recalibration 6

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