Facing Human Wrongs:

Navigating paradoxes and complexities
of social and global change.

Staying With The Trouble

In this exercise, you are asked to connect three resources:

1) American Psychosis by Chris Hedges here.

2) What do you do when there is no hope? by Bayo Akomolafe & Toni Spencer here.

3)  The gifts of failure by the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures collective here.

Dipping in questions for you to sit with:

What do the three resources have in common? How are they different?

How are the stories similar or different from what you were taught at school and by the media?

To what extent do the stories change your relationship with hope and hopelessness?

How have modern societies conditioned the ways we think, feel, relate, imagine and dream?

What would need to happen for us to have sober, mature, discerning and responsible conversations about the dis-ease of the world as we know it and its possible end?

What would be necessary for us to learn to learn from historical mistakes and failure so that only new mistakes can be made in the future?

How do we hospice the dis-eased world that we inherited and assist with the birth of something new without suffocating it with projections and idealizations (especially those that make us feel better temporarily, but that end up worsening the problems)?

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